Professional Team Services

Looking for professional design or permitting services? Falvey’s Earthworks can help, and we can save you time and money on your project. Typically, project management consists of multiple parties, slowing down the process, delaying information and resources, and wasting valuable time. We do things differently, putting our 50+ years of experience in project management to work as your team leader.

Architects and Builders are pros at creating beautiful homes and buildings. However, we recognize that there are two primary schools of construction, horizontal (earth-work), and vertical (buildings). One thing is clear – all things reside in the earth. Falvey’s Earthworks has a precise vision and comprehensive knowledge of how structures will work on a given piece of land. Function, access, drainage, and beauty are just some of the critical elements necessary for a successful project. Whether you are an industry professional or a private client, we can assist you and successfully plan, design, permit, manage, and build your next project.

  • streamline the process
  • fit the building or structure correctly with the land
  • advising the client through enhanced communication
  • fluid construction process
  • saving you money

Construction projects are usually the most expensive investment a person will make in their lifetime. We save our clients thousands of dollars by keeping things simple and fluid with a single and solid professional team. One plan, One team, One happy customer.


As experienced project managers, we recognize that every project must start with a plan, and every plan must encompass a clear vision with a clear intention. We start with a conceptual master plan and, as the process flows, dial into a comprehensive construction plan. This basic principle applies to simple projects; driveway, landscape, rockwall, etc., all the way through to more complex home or building projects. Planning is everything, and with us involved in that process you can plan on saving money.


Every project must have a design. Sometimes it works to simply share your idea with a contractor and let the design develop in the excavator or landscaper’s mind. However, as projects get more complex and more individuals are involved, such as other contractors or governmental agencies, a visual plan is critical. This plan allows everyone to be on the same page. Our team can put together a design and visual plan, from a simple one-page sketch to a multi-page blueprint for more complex projects.


Our team routinely handles the application process for projects requiring permits. We are on a first name basis with members of governing agencies such as City of McCall, Valley County, Idaho Department of Lands, Idaho Department of Water Resources, Army Corps of Engineers and many more. If you are in need of a rockwall, pond, creek restoration, or a new home on Payette Lake, we can successfully get your project permitted.


Now that we have successfully planned, designed, and permitted your project, it is time for the very same team to build it. Because at this point in the process, we know better than anyone exactly what you are looking for. We’ll be the first ones on the project, performing the excavating, ensuring elevations and drainage are correct, and that soils and rocks are placed in the correct spot the first time. And as Landscapers, we will be the last ones on the project, knowing all has been completed as the client had planned. There will be no surprises or extra expenses having utility pipes, earth, rocks, etc, relocated or performing drainage modifications after the fact. The list goes on… Since we are one team, including the client from beginning to end, we can be sure that all aspects of the project have been completed correctly, and in a timely manner, saving thousands of dollars on your project.

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