When a man plants a tree he plants himself

John Muir

It’s all about the Earth and no one does it better than Mother Nature. However, here at Falvey’s it’s our passion to try to recreate Mother Nature to the best of our ability. Using her elements to create an indigenous, low maintenance environment that you and others can enjoy. Our company teamed up with a nationally renowned landscape architect in the 1980’s and has been creating the most authentic, and in some cases, prestigious landscapes, balancing the points of nature with our human points.

With any landscape, there is no closer interface with construction trades greater than the excavation which precedes it. Excavation encompasses land clearing, driveways, utilities, drainage systems, grading, and more. The location, functionality, and correctness of the excavation is critical to ensure that the landscaping environment flows and functions peacefully. We save our customers thousands by serving them with one design, one contractor and one vision, harmoniously.

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